Lilies have long been associated with love, devotion, purity and fertility. The sweet and innocent beauty of the flower has ensured it remains tied to the ideas of fresh new life and rebirth.

White lilies are perhaps the most popular, as they’re generally the first that come to mind when the flower is mentioned. They’re also symbolic of a feeling of rejuvenation within the soul. This rejuvenation can also lead to new beginnings or a different path.

The colour pink has long stood as a symbol of femininity, love, adoration and admiration.

Pink lilies are generally sent as a gift to close female friends and family members. They are intended to let someone know that one is thinking of them, as well as lending their support during a challenging time.

Red is the colour of love and passion. In turn, red lilies have come to symbolise romantic love for someone.

Yellow lilies are symbolic of numerous things, as the colour has several positive connotations attached. These include new beginnings, a sense of freshness, happiness , loyalty and sunshine. The colour awakens plenty of symbolism, which is why yellow lilies serve very well as flowers to say “thank you”. They also serve well as a symbol of friendship, unity and togetherness.

Enchanted Lilies

Fairy tales rose lilies

Rose lilies Scents

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Fragrance love




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My Lady


Happy Lilies

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